By donating, fundraising, or spreading the word, you can help our heroes get back on track and become a positive force in their communities.


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Our Vision

The vision of Housing American Heroes is a world where the most vulnerable people, who have made sacrifices for the rest of us, can lift themselves out of poverty and create healthy, sustainable lives for themselves, their families, and communities.
Dustin R

After returning from my 2nd deployment in Iraq in 2009 my war injuries prevented me from working full-time. HAH gave me the break I needed. They provided me with a nice home, affordable rent and forgave many late payments over the years. The generosity of HAH will never be forgotten.

Army Specialist

Tom A

Due to serving in the Marine Corps I was on a limited income. HAH rented to me at a lower monthly payment and a longer-term one with no rent increases than was advertised. HAH has always taken care of any issues with the house when I have called. Over the years they have saved me thousands of dollars and for that, I am very grateful for their help. We definitely need more landlords like this in our community.

E-6 Staff Sergeant
Marine Corps 14 years
deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Horn of Africa and Kuwait

Larry D

In 2010, we hit a rough patch and I lost my job, had to file for bankruptcy, then we lost the home we had just built. We were very worried about where we were going to live and if anyone would accept us due to our dire financial situation. We were worried we might be homeless. We attended an open house with many other applicants and were certain we were not as qualified as other candidates. After discovering I was in the military, HAH put our fears to rest and offered the home to us immediately. We have been in the home for 12 years. Without the help of HAH, we would not have had a place to call home for so many years. We are filled with gratitude for the second chance HAH gave us and are eternally thankful for their caring support.

United States Marine Corp - Sergeant 1972-1992

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